From Influencer to Content Creator

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Influencers are evolving into Freelance Content Creators expanding their skills outside of social media and developing new avenues to build their businesses.

The progression of Influencer Marketing into Freelance Content Creation

Influencer Marketing is still a relatively young industry but already we are starting to see an exciting shift in the way that brands are engaging with and utilising your work. Where before your following and the number of likes you gained on a photo was the highest measure of success for your social profile, now, in the flourishing gig economy, the quality of your content and your creativity are the key metrics to aspire towards.

What has contributed to the rise of Content Marketing?

The addition of social media has created a new standard for content consumption. Consumers are expecting new content daily across all mediums resulting in brands looking to collaborate with Content Creators to create unique content specifically and exclusively for their campaigns. They are already working with agencies such as Vamp to produce them.

The purchasing and placement of Influencer content

In 2016 Vamp enabled brands to purchase campaign images for additional usage rights outside of a social campaign. Content was purchased to be utilised in multiple marketing channels such as Newsletter, Website and Print. The introduction of additional usage rights saw brands jump at the opportunity to feature Vamp campaign imagery outside of their own social feed and with fantastic results. The purchase of usage rights was the first exemplification of creativity and quality of content driving brands’ decisions as opposed to an Influencer’s audience and engagement.

The future of Freelance Content Creators

Vamp’s recent campaigns for MasterCard are an indication of the new opportunities for Content Creators and a great example of the possible uses of content. For these campaigns bespoke content was produced for use outside of social channels in addition to talent posting on Instagram. Each influencer created a travel itinerary that featured on MasterCard’s campaign microsite. The accompanying visual content was utilised to create digital assets for MasterCard’s social media advertisements, emails, third party digital homepage takeovers and display banner advertising.

MasterCard campaign takeover on utilising Vamp Influencer content

Exclusive travel content created for MasterCard

Video content created for Vamp x MasterCard 4 Priceless Days

Monique Llewellyn

Monique Llewellyn

Vamp's Global Talent Director has worked in digital marketing for 10 years across both the UK and Australia for fashion e-commerce companies including as The Iconic & Harrods. For Monique working with Influential Content Creators is the perfect combination of creativity, marketing and business.
February 09, 2017

From Influencer to Content Creator