The creativity for this OPSM campaign will make you see Influencer Marketing clearly

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We recently worked with OPSM on an exciting campaign called “Release Your Colour” where our Influencers styled the new OPSM Autumn/Winter collection.

The Brief
Pops of colour, bringing the Autumn/Winter collection to life, encouraging the audience to branch out beyond the usual black/blue frames and try something bolder and more colourful.
Create quality content for re-grams and digital advertising


We always give our Influencers full creative control over their content in Vamp social campaigns because we trust that they know what their audience best engages with. At a result of 3% average engagement, we see the positive effect of handing over the creative reigns.

Engagements are only part of the story, however. We also need to showcase the content to really highlight the quality.

Top 3 highest engaged posts for OPSM “Release your Colour”

The posts from this campaign were all really high performing, but these 3 came out top. They each engaged their audience in an effective way; by ensuring that their campaign imagery suited their Instagram aesthetic, creating a high quality image and talking about it in their caption copy and responding to comments in a relatable way.

(Engagement % = (likes + comments)/100


4.83% engagement


4.8% engagement


4.56% engagement

Video content creativity for OPSM 

Video content has been found to be the most influential media format on social media, with 86% of internet users purchasing a product after seeing a video. (Source: eMarketer)

WATCH: Who hasn't seen me bust my K-pop moves? Now you can, thanks to @OPSM's popping #AW17 collection! #OPSM

A post shared by Henry Ng (@streetstyleposer) on

POP OF COLOUR ? New work for @opsm's new Autumn Winter collection. #opsm #aw17

A post shared by Gemma Watts (@gemkwatts) on

A selection from the OPSM gallery

This is a small selection of the images created by our Influencers for the OPSM campaign.


Comments from the fans

With nearly 1,000 comments in this campaign, our Influencers’ followers were extremely engaged with the OPSM product featured by them.

“Ah I need some new specs!!! Will check them out.”

“You always kill it with these shots, man! Couldn’t agree more about those specs.”

“What model are those glasses eyeglasses bro? They are fire fire.”

“Love your frames. I’ve been really impressed by @opsm’s range”

Bonus blog post

Although blog posts weren’t a briefed in part of this campaign, sometimes our Influencers love the products so much, and have created such an amazing portfolio of imagery, that they feature products on their blogs too.

If your brand wants to guarantee a blog post, this is something that we can help with.

Here Chelsea wrote an additional blog post with a range of images from the photoshoot that never saw Instagram. Influencers will often produce a huge range of imagery that they never post on social simply because they don’t want to spam their followers with similar content, but this content is still very high quality and could have opportunities elsewhere. In this case Chelsea included a link in her bio for her followers to follow to engage further with the OPSM Autumn/Winter product range in her blog post.



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August 07, 2017

The creativity for this OPSM campaign will make you see Influencer Marketing clearly