Vamp has partnered with Airbnb

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VAMP has partnered with Airbnb on their Marriage Equality Social Mission

Here at VAMP we encourage the power of human kindness and a world that celebrates love, acceptance and equality for all.

This is why VAMP has partnered with Airbnb, along with some of Australia’s most influential companies including Qantas and eBay, to help build this social movement across Australia.

On the 3 April, Airbnb launched their Marriage Equality campaign and VAMP Influencers who align with the cause will be featuring the Airbnb Acceptance ring on their social channels.


Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks

VAMP Co-Founder

“We partnered with Airbnb because we not only love their platform but their brand and values are aligned with ours.

We at VAMP along with many other great Australian businesses support marriage equality because everybody deserves the opportunity to be loved and to fall in love.”

Social media can really be leveraged for positive change. By collaborating with great Content Creators who truly believe in the cause and know instinctively how to creatively communicate a meaningful message to people, the Airbnb Marriage Equality mission has the power to stimulate conversation, spearhead change and challenge the status quo.

For Airbnb, acceptance and belonging are at the heart of their company values.



Social Mission Statement

“We believe that everyone has the right to feel accepted no matter who you are, where you’re from or where you’re going. Which is why we feel compelled to throw our support behind marriage equality in Australia.

We see marriage equality as a fundamental part of belonging and we are determined to create change to ensure all Australians have the right so marry the person they love.”

To actively lead mass conversations in support of marriage equality, Airbnb is incorporating an Acceptance ring into their Marriage Equality Social mission.

Eric Yang

Eric Yang

VAMP Content Creator


“I’m so happy that there’s finally a campaign talking about Marriage Equality. Though I’m not Gay, I still have many LGBT friends. Some of them are even not accepted by their parents/ relatives.

All I want to say is why should we be afraid of LGBT people? It’s just like I love orange juice but they like apple juice. I hope that society can give them equal marriage rights.”

The Acceptance Ring

The Limited Edition Acceptance Ring, created by the world-renowned Marc Newson, is designed as an incomplete band and will be engraved with the words ‘Until We All Belong’ on the interior.

The gap symbolises the gap in marriage equality that we are striving to close. By wearing the ring you can show solidarity with the cause. It’s an outward sign of your acceptance of marriage equality.

Airbnb’s hope is that the ring will “start conversations, be seen on the streets and work as an ongoing reminder of the current inequality of marriage.”

VAMP Talent will be using their influence and content creation skills to feature the ring on their social channels. The hope is that it will inspire other people to show their acceptance of marriage equality and make an important step towards positive change.


Airbnb x Vamp Marriage Equality
Airbnb x Vamp Marriage Equality

This is me holding hands with my #instahusband; the man who understand my need to take a photo of every single thing that happens in my day, who gets that we can’t drink a pretty coffee before it has been snapped at every angle first. He is also my real husband. My best friend. I couldn’t imagine my life without him & I couldn’t imagine him not being my husband. I know how lucky I am to call him my husband. Unfortunately some people don’t have that opportunity. #marriageequality #untilweallbelong@airbnb #flatlay #flatlays

Emmy O'Neill


Airbnb x Vamp Marriage Equality

Beautiful to see such a big Brand like @airbnb taking a stand in support for the LGBTQI community and marriage equality. All families are welcome in Airbnb accommodation and they have released this ring to symbolise the gap of inequality in Australia that we need to close. I will proudly wear mine #UntilWeAllBelong. You can as well by visiting the site.#notpaid #myfamilyvalues#photographinghappiness

Rachel Devine


Natalie Popow

Natalie Popow

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April 05, 2017

Vamp has partnered with Airbnb