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To celebrate MBFWA Vamp ran an exclusive Competition for our Vamp Collective members where we invited members to post a fashion-focused photo/video on Instagram mentioning what they love about Fashion Week or fashion in general. The five lucky winners below have each won a Fashion Week Pamper Pack valued at $800 each!

Below we divulge why we picked each of the below winning entries, you can also take a look at some of the amazing entries over at #VampFWK.


We are seriously blown away with Caitlin from @kopperfinch’s skills. The Vamp team love keeping an eye on her feed to see what new creative content she has created each week and her competition entry sure didn’t disappoint. Caitlin’s complimentary comment tells the story behind the image giving us an insight into her history and what has influenced her love of clothes. These little person insights into one’s life is what draws a community and keeps people coming back for more. Instagram is all about community and creativity, this post embodies both of these. 


“It’s unique, it’s original, it’s your signature. Don’t get lost in the crowd trying to be someone else. Be your own Fashion.” Vamp is all about individuality, standing out form the crowd and doing things your way. At the core of our company is this theme of doing things differently, instead of brands and agencies creating content in-house Vamp champions the use of creative freelancers who brands would not normally have access to. These stylists/photographers/re-touchers/designers/editors/videographers are often self taught out of passion which means they see things in their own unique way. Kimmy’s view of fashion as a creative outlet and a tool to build your own brand couldn’t speak truer to us here at Vamp – be yourself, everyone else is already taken.  


While Izzy attended MBFW this year she utilised the chance to network with other influencers whom she admires and follows and this post is a reflection of these experiences. It’s something that our Influencers tell us often, the best part of the week is often meeting other like minded individuals and realising that most influencers are just normal people like them who have created their own brand and following out of pure passion and creativity. Whist there is a small group of influencers who work as a creative freelancers full time, the majority of the Vamp Collective work in full time roles, finding time to shoot during the evenings and on weekends. When you take a second to consider this, that most influencers work full time and use the little time they have outside of this to create, shoot, edit and post content out of pure passion, you can see why we admire them so much.

What you typically don’t see during MBFWA is the chaos and beauty behind the scenes of the runway. We love this shot Elizabeth captured of ‘the pit’, the small designated area for the photographers present at FW who pack together to capture the images you see online. The majority of their day is spent in this small space during each show and with only split seconds to capture moments on the catwalk the pressure is on. Just as you don’t see the photographer behind the scenes at FW nor do you see all of the time and effort that goes into each piece of content the Vamp Collective create – the lighting/styling/editing and more but it’s what makes an image so beautiful and we are all for celebrating this creative process.


The beauty with Fashion is it’s all about self expression, showing your individuality and just going with it whatever your style or age might be!” We couldn’t agree more Kerrie. Fashion isn’t just for those on the runway at FW instead make life one big runway! Social media has helped to break down industry walls, fashion week is no longer an exclusive industry event and you can now see bloggers and influencers, who may actually work in science or architecture, front row alongside magazine editors. Once you could only see the designer looks in monthly magazines such as Vogue where as now you can watch a live stream direct from an Instagram story. It’s one of the things we love most about social media, the accessibility and shared experience.


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May 24, 2017

Vamp MBFWA Competition