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Vamp caught up with the founders of The Global Night Squad, four gents (and Vamp Collective members) who have created and supported an Instagram community for those who are passionate or interested in nighttime photography. The Global Night Squad is the epitome of what Instagram is all about, finding like minded individuals and building an inclusive community whilst supporting and recognising those involved in the community.

Main featured image via @globalnightsquad.

Who is the Night Squad and what do you do?

G: The @globalnightsquad team consists of four Sydney based photographers myself @nightsnlights (Gareth), @demasrusli (Demas), @jrhigz (JR) & @pat_kay (Pat). As a group we organise regular night photography meets ups/events in Australia to give local communities a place to come together and meet other photographers, we also run workshops to teach night photography tips and techniques, and we run an Instagram feature account with the aim of inspiring photographers by showcasing amazing night photography from around the world.

What were the main aims for your #HKnightsquad meet up? How many people attended?

D: The main aim of the #HKnightsquad Instameet was to meet the Hong Kong photography community and to bring them all together as well. Gareth, Pat, and I (along with some other friends) were planning a trip to Hong Kong and thought it would be such a great opportunity to broaden our horizons outside of Australia and take a big step into making the ‘Global’ in Global Night Squad a reality. It was our first official Night Squad event overseas and it was such a great turnout! I think around 50-60 people made it out to the event! We were quite surprised but overall so ecstatic that everyone had a good time!


What were the highlights of the Hong Kong Night Squad meet up?

D: The highlight of the #HKNightSquad meet up was definitely meeting a lot of the photographers that we have been following for ages! It’s such a great feeling when you finally get to meet the people you’ve been following and vice versa. Other highlights include exploring and shooting the neon lights of Mong Kok, and also the positive feedback we got from the community after the event!

Is this the first international collaboration for the Night Squad?

G: #HKNightSquad was the first official Night Squad meet but this is our second international collaboration, in mid 2016 I travelled to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and hosted a meet along with a local group @stevoxmag. It was a huge success with over 150 people attending the event and a great opportunity to meet the community over there as well!

What did you learn/already know about the Hong Kong Influencer community?

P: We knew there was a big Instagrammer community there. One of our friends told us that they used to have a pretty vibrant Instameet community too but there wasn’t that much action recently. It was great for us because lots of people in HK were already itching for a meet!

What were the biggest challenges? How did you overcome them?

P: Logistically moving 60 people through crowded streets in one of the most popular parts of town was hard. We moved slow and made sure everyone kept in sight. We’ve also done this before, so we made sure we had the route on our IG stories for everyone to reference to, and we were live streaming the meet so people could see where we were in real time.

“The dream for us would be to host meets in lots of different cities around the world, especially the highly dense and urban cities such as New York and Tokyo!”

What were your favourite shots from the collaboration?

G: As part of the community meet ups we engage with brands as event sponsors in order to be able to provide prizes for photo contests, for the #HKNightSquad event we were fortunate enough to have Mr. Porter and The Fifth Watches sponsor us. A week after the event we pick 3 best photos from the night who we then feature on the @globalnightsquad account. The winning shots from the #HKNightSquad event were submitted by @jonagrey @sotangy_ & @panvelvet and these are our favourite shots from the event.

How does being part of a community help you to become stronger content creators?

P: I think having and creating a community pools talent and knowledge together. We’re always greater than the sum of our parts, and when it comes to inspiration within a community, this adage holds very true. It’s so inspiring watching the people around you grow, draw influence from you and others, and in return you draw inspiration from them. We’re better together and that’s what makes us stronger creators.

What’s the dream for the Night Squad? Where do you hope the Night Squad will take you?

D: The dream for us would be to host meets in lots of different cities around the world, especially the highly dense and urban cities such as New York and Tokyo! This could be through a part of a holiday trip (like the Hong Kong one we just had) or through sponsored opportunities where our sole purpose is to host a meet in that city! We really love hosting these events and meeting the local community, and really want to keep doing it all around the world!


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May 22, 2017

Vamp Taste Makers: Global Night Squad